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Nature Documentaries have the simple power to amaze, astonish, surprise and bewilder us as we discover the incredible natural world in which we live.

Our top nature documentaries have been divided into 8 categories for easy navigation, so we can explore the life of plants, journey into space, climb Mount Everest, witness wildlife on the plains of Africa, explore our humanity and our food, walk with dinosaurs and so much more.

We've sourced hundreds of free nature documentaries and provided them right here on Nature Documentaries for everyone to enjoy and to watch online for free. So put your feet up and immerse yourself into our amazing world, with nature documentaries from the BBC, PBS, Nova, ABC Australia, National Geographic and many more quality sources!

So sit back and relax, and enjoy this wonderful selection of Nature Documentaries, free to watch any time, and without any offensive comments so often found on other video websites.